ABOUT Silver Mud Studio

 My hands have been creating since I can remember,... the combination of an Engineer father and an Artist Teacher mother has given me the mind that likes a challenge and an eye that seeks beauty. My continuing desire for creative and inner growth has brought me to this adventure of creating inspired adornment jewelry.

 After graduating from UCSB as an Art Major, I began the business of creating home and business adornment via hand painted ceramic tiles. www.dunbarstudio.com    Over the past 30 plus years there was an occasional accident or damaged tile that I had created, these orphans were saved. Wanting to shift the energy from broken and discarded to something shiny and new I began to explore creating SHarD jewelry.

  My affiliation with ceramic expression lead me naturally to Precious Metal Clay. I am currently exploring combining traditional metal smithing techniques with PMC and I am excited about the endless possibilities offered via sculpting, texture, pattern and color.

Silver Mud Studio
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