Pearl Diver Sculpted Mermaid Fine Silver Pendant

Pearl Diver Sculpted Mermaid Fine Silver Pendant


Hand Sculpted Fine Silver Mermaid Pendant with Baroque Pearls. Sculpted PMC3 (Precious Metal Clay) Mermaid gliding towards Baroque Peacock Pearls witha 20" Rolo Sterling Silver Chain.

When a pearl is born, it is the result of irritation to the soft body of a mollusk. The sea animal, trying to soothe the stuck sand or speck, nourishes the irritation with a layer of nacre, followed by another and another until the pearl is formed. This is why pearls are considered to be gems of nurturing and nourishment, as their origin is a result of self-nurturing. That’s why it’s no surprise that pearls have a centuries-long reputation for their healing properties, especially in traditional Asian medical systems.

As spiritual tokens, pearls are said to assist in calming and centering, as well as nurture your faith, loyalty, integrity and purity. Sound familiar? They are also strong symbols of femininity, helping women connect with their “inner goddesses” and obtain the ultimate “feminine energy.” Perhaps most importantly, it is said that pearls have specific frequencies of energy vibrations which can re-balance deficiencies in the human body when they are worn, just like gemstones. Different gemstones are used for healing different parts of the body to create balance and provide relief, as pearls do.

PMC : Fine silver metal clay results in objects containing 99.9% pure silver, which is suitable for enameling. Lump metal clay is sold in sealed packets to keep it moist and workable. The silver versions are also available as a softer paste in a pre-filled syringe which can be used to produce extruded forms, in small jars of slip and as paper-like sheets, from which most of the moisture has been removed. Once fired in the kiln, the binder burns away leavng only silver. Precious metal silver clay comes in all forms, from .999 fine silver clay to silver alloys such as .960 and .925 Sterling.

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